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Great Gardens of Cornwall #2

Tours of Cornwall's gardens of cornwall

Let us introduce you to Tregrehan Gardens, a garden that is without doubt the epitome of that well used saying ‘a hidden Cornish gem,‘ and is in my opinion of of the Great Gardens of Cornwall.

My first visit to Tregrehan Garden was at the very end of a 5 day tour of the Gardens of Cornwall and as I was driving my clients to the train station,  they asked if there was perhaps one more garden they could visit? Well, as time was short and we had visited so many houses and gardens already, I wasn’t sure where else we could visit in the time remaining, however, after a quick call back to Kim in the office, she suggested we try to visit Tregrehan. This was a truly inspired choice I have to say.  I think I enjoyed the garden just as much as our clients, who were delighted by the walled garden, the rather large greenhouse built in 1846 and  overall the lovely feeling of tranquility you felt as you strolled through the gardens.

The Gardens intense privacy baffles some visitors, but reflects a character that each generation of  Carlyon gardener has unfailingly brought with him or her. Tregrehan Garden is about plants….

I could carry on chatting  about this garden, but actually what you should do is visit Tregrehan for yourself, (preferably with us here at Tours of Cornwall), and when you do, please let us know how you got on, we would love to hear your comments.

Please check back here again as we offer you more insights into our favourite Great Gardens of Cornwall.

Hope to meet you soon






Great Gardens of Cornwall #1


We are sharing with you some of our favourite gardens, not necessarily the largest or most well known gardens in Cornwall, but gardens that we have visited and been delighted by whatever the time of year.

Lamorran Garden is situated on the Roseland Peninsula and offers not only a beautiful garden that is home to over 200 Palms of some 35 species or varieties but also a Tree Fern collection that includes not only Dicksonia varieties but also a large collection of the more tender Cyatheas.

The garden was conceived and designed as a whole, albeit that the garden was constructed in three separate stages. The intention was to create an intimate garden very much in the mould of Mediterranean gardens, with water ever-present both as a backdrop to the garden and with running water featured in the many pools and streams.

Many features are included to divide the garden into intimate compartments -i giardini segreti – which the visitor can find and explore. Hence there are areas of woodland, a water garden in Japanese style as well as temples and archways and a small bridge on which to lean to look out over the bay.

Sometimes gardens offer you a moment in time that is simply magical, they transport you to another place, how best to describe Lamorran? La dolce vita